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Work or Volunteer

Bethel Gospel Camp has relied on the generous support of the people from the
ownership churches and many others over the years to help us offer “Camp” to many
children. The support referred to above has come in many forms. Camp would not run
without people like you! Come to volunteer or work at Camp as a Cabin Leader or
support staff preparing meals, helping in kitchen, dinning hall, maintenance or janitorial
areas of Camp.

Please prayerfully consider how the Lord would have you get involved with this Camp
ministry and then take the steps to apply. Thank you for your willingness to get
involved in this important ministry.

Reference forms for 3 references

Applicable to First Time Ministry and Cabin Leader

Click here for printable downloadable PDF
Returning ministry (worked at camp in the last 3 years) need only name two of the three reference names they supplied in the past.

Crimminal Record Check & Vulnerable sector check examples:

Vulnerable Sector Check Example
*required for cabin leader applicants only

Criminal Record Check Example
*required for all other staff applications

Apply Offline Instructions:

Step 1

  1. Follow the links above to the online forms
  2. Fill out the online form (before or after printing)
  3. Instead of selecting the submit button, choose "file" (top left) and then select "print"
  4. Print the webpage of the filled out application form. Or print it empty to be filled in with a pen. Both will work.
  5. Review that all answers have been captured and are legible
  6. Print and agree to One Hope Canada's Statement Of Affirmation. Click here for printable PDF. Your application cannot be accepted without this.
  7. Mail to Bethel Gospel Camp:
    Box 2583 Meadow Lake, Sk. S9X 1Z6

Step 2

  1. Supply references with their reference forms (click here for printable PDF) and instruct them to send the completed froms to Bethel Gospel Camp. By mail or digitally.
    Note for returning ministry applications:
    Returning Ministry applicants need only supply the names and contact information for 2 references and do not need to supply new reference forms.
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Complete the vulnerable sector check (cabin leader only) or crimminal record check (all other staff positions). More details are on the application form. Supply Bethel Gospel Camp with the results by mail or digitally
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.