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Our mission is to glorify God by introducing people to Jesus Christ through the Word of God and to encourage personal growth in a relationship with Jesus Christ, and with others, through a camping experience.


Bethel Gospel Camp is situated on the shores of Jeannette Lake with its pristine water and beautiful boreal forest in the Meadow Lake Provincial Park in Northwest Saskatchewan. It was established in 1948 and currently is owned and run by four Churches in the Meadow Lake area; Compass Immanuel Church, Northwest Community Church, Evangelical Free Church and Meadow Lake Alliance.
We are a Christian camp that primarily runs during the summer months. Since its inception, Bethel Gospel Camp has existed to provide a fun and exciting place to share Jesus and to offer opportunities to learn, grow and serve in an outdoor setting.


Bible Focused -We believe God’s word is the inerrant word of truth. We strive to be faithful in teaching and training in order to develop a deeper relationship with God and man.

Relationship Focused -We believe we were created as unique creations in the image of God. We will use our resources to develop the whole person. Our program must be relevant, without compromising God’s word. We will model servant leadership and compassion in reaching out to build up the individual as well as the family.

Community Focused – We believe we are an extension of the local churches and seek to support and complement their ministry. We intend to use our camp setting to provide education and recreation for the surrounding community.

Stewardship Focused – We believe the entire camp must operate with integrity. We will adhere to proper business practices and procedures. We believe we are responsible, as stewards of God’s creation, to maintain our natural surrounding.


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